State Library of Victoria (@Library_Vic)


The State Library of Victoria (@Library_Vic), located in Melbourne, Australia, has a very active Twitter feed, mainly peppered with individual interactions. While I’ve already discussed the pros and cons of this particular use of Twitter by libraries, the sheer number of tweets of this nature show that this library is using Twitter very successfully to communicated directly with patrons.

A lot of the things I might say about this feed have been covered in other posts, but I wanted to include it because of one tweet that showed up in my feed yesterday: “‘If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.’ – Haruki Murakami”. No link, no relation to current events or occasions, just a quote. I liked that the writer of this tweet was making use of the 140-character limitation to do something that literary types have been doing for eons: sharing quips and quotations. I would love to see more library feeds make use of this, as not only is it an enjoyable injection into the feed that I receive, it could also serve as a sort of reader’s advisory complement. If the feed was composed of more of this I would consider remaining subscribed, but as it is I would hear too much about things that are totally irrelevant to me on the other side of the globe.

, via Wikimedia Commons“]Side note: I once wrote a paper in this beautiful domed reading room at the State Library of Victoria. It was heavenly!

The library’s website has a clear “connect with us” bar of social media icons right at the top of the page. Easy to find if you know what you are looking for, though not made for users just waiting to discover Twitter!


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