Smithsonian Libraries (@SILibraries)


Photo by martin_kalfatovic on flickr. Some rights reserved.

The Smithsonian Libraries Twitter feed (@SILibraries), feed of the “The world’s largest museum library”, as the description says, is used in a similar way to that of Library and Archives Canada, mainly as a collection discovery tool. I think this is fairly common for special libraries connected with museums or archives to use Twitter in this way. Tweets often link to images in a Tumblr account, as well as specific pages of digitized books at

The link to the Twitter feed is very accessible from the main page of the library, with a “Find us on” heading midway down the right-hand side, followed by a list of social media tools, including both their names and logos.

Something that is a little different about the Smithsonian feed is that it often posts collection discovery content from other collections like the British Library or Google Art Project. By doing so, the Smithsonian is situating itself in a larger community of museums while still providing content that would be of interest to users who are interested in the Smithsonian content. This seems like an excellent balance, much the way VPL balances information for its users and for citizens of Vancouver generally.

I’ve been subscribed to this feed since before I started this project, and even though I don’t always follow all the links, I do enjoy it. I plan to keep them on my following list.


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